Just Vast Space

Just Vast Space was released on the 24th of November, 2017.

At 138bpm it can be classified within the Electronic Music genre as Trance (uplifting trance or progressive).

This tune was inspired by the view of the album cover – a sunset view at Castelldefels, a town nearby Barcelona, Spain.

When composing Just Vast Space the idea was to transmit through the intro of the tune the feeling of the fading sunlight, behind the horizon. As the tune unfolds and gets to the downbeat, the downbeat illustrates the first stars appearing on the sky. Then, as the tune progresses, it just goes around the idea of stars appearing on the sky and the impressive vastness of a night sky.

To reflect this vastness on the album cover of Just Vast Space the risky artistic decision was to just leave the image, with no words, to strengthen the main idea and inspiration behind the tune: Just Vast Space.

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